booksonlinebrighton.com is the web site of Andrew and Jo Weeks based in Brighton East Sussex and born out of our common passion for books.
The purchase of books over many years in furtherance of our interests in country life, topography, climbing, mountaineering and polar exploration led us to a greater appreciation of books generally. Our interests have expanded into illustrated, childrens, travel, history, war, transport, modern first editions and much else besides such that dealing in second hand and antiquarian books has been a natural progression.
We have exhibited regularly at book fairs on the South of England circuit since 1995 dealing primarily as a means to fund the enhancement and development of our collections and to acquire stock for eventual resale.

We have resisted specialising, chiefly because our interests are still evolving with new genres constantly being added. We are often complimented at fairs on the varied and interesting nature of our stock.
In establishing our own web site we have taken the decision to offer our more obscure and collectable books exclusively here and are confident therefore that we will have something of interest to you. We cordially invite you to browse or search our inventory. The image you see against each entry is a digital image of the actual book offered for sale. It will take us a while to upload images for all of the books so if you are interested in one for which there is currently no image do please E-Mail us and we will be pleased to provide one.
In the event that you do not find something on this occasion do please "bookmark" our site and visit us again as we shall constantly add to our listings, alternatively click on "Offline Search Service" in the left hand margin to post a want and we will be happy to see if we have a copy at our remote store, not yet listed, or can secure a copy from one of our many colleagues and associates in the trade.